so you're looking for some free stuffand that's a great thing. Because we love to explore new things and wedon't have a lot of money to spend on each stuff. In this video I am going toshow you a way that you can use to host your own a site free of cost. And mostimportantly you can use your custom domain to link with this hosting. 

Hello everyone my name is Suman Das and if you are wathing me first time then consider subscribing because we talk about programming, newtechnologies and other related stuffs always. this is the second video of our"first website" series and if you had not watched the previous video then Istrongly recommend you to watch that video because I had explained theroadmap of creating a website in detail okay before diving into the computer Iam going to give you a brief overview about what we are going to do in thisvideo so first of all we are going to create a very simple website then we aregoing to host that website with the help of firebase if you don't know aboutfirebase then firebase is a back-end service which is developed by Google and whichprovide many services that you can use to build your own app or website afterhosting that website we are going to link our custom domain with that hosting andafter that we are going to visit our website without wasting more time let'sgo to the computer. 

Okay so here we are going to create a basic static site butyou can also create your dynamic site and host on firebase but for this tutorialwe are just going to host a static site first of all we are going to create asimple site for hosting I'm going to open my VS code but you canuse whatever you comfortable with let's see how it's look like now I'mgoing to log into my firebase account if you don't have an account just sign upwith firebase it's a very simple step you just have to log in with your gmail. okay nowI'm going to create a new project let's call it free hosting and here you cansee that this is assigned with a unique ID but you can modify it but makesure that this should be unique otherwise this you will get an errormessage like this. After that click on continue then continue and and click oncreate project now this is going to take some time and after that your projectwill be created, I'm going to fast forward this process, okay now in this project I am going to deploy my created site let's see how we can do it withoutjust showing you the commands that we can use to host or deploy the site onthis project.

I'm going to show you how you can find the information to do it onyour own so that's why I am going to first show you the documentation of thisthat's why you can find the information on your own for your any furtherrequirement or any further information here you can see that we have to installthe firebase with CLI at first after that we can create our project and deploy oursite, so, first of all, let us see what is firebase CLI and how can install it and here you can see that we can installthe virus tools with the help of NPM is like a package manager based onnode.js and you can get NPM by installing node.js on your PC after thatwe have to log in on our firebase account with the help of firebase logincommand and when you hit firebase log in command then you will be redirected toyour browser and from there you can log into your firebase account I'm not goingto show this because I had already logged in on my account that's why I amNOT able to show that but you can do it on your own it's a very simple process ok now I am going to initialize firebase on this project for that I am going towrite a command there's called firebase init toinitialize firebase on this project and then you have to choose what service youare going to use and for this project this is hosting.

Thats I am goingto use here press the spacebar to select the option and I'm going to use anexisting project that we have created on the firebase console now this isasking for the public directory that means which directory you are going todeploy on firebase and that directory that means only that directory is going tohosted on firebase so if you left it blank the default name is public thatmeans all of your files on public directory is going to deployed onfirebase and then it should be hosted from there and I am going to leave itblank so that my public directory will be called public now it is asking for isthis project is a single page application? and if yes then it willredirect all the URL request to the index.html file as it is not a singlefor the application I'm going to choose no and now it's initializing the projecthere and it's completed. now I can see here that some extra files and a publicdirectory has created by this command andthe public directory contains the files that is going to be deployed on thatproject and now I am going to deploy this project with the help of firebase deploycommand now the project is deployed and its provided us a URL and with that wecan access our hosted website let's see what it looks like now you can see herethat it's showing a welcome message that the firebase hosting setup iscomplete and this file is coming from the public directory that because wehave not moved our index.html file to the public directory and firebase hasautomatically generated an welcome message file and we have to replace that index.html file with our index.html file to see our own page. 

This is the auto-generated index file and now I'm going to delete it and put our index.html file here and now we have to deploy it again ok now let's goto that URL again and it's showing that previous welcome message that's becausewe have just deployed and it takes some time to updateok now refresh that page now we can see our own page Now if we go to our firebase console and on the hosting sectionthen we can see that it's showing some options to add our custom domain andalso it's showing the release history and here you'll see that we had releasedtwo version and you can roll back to your previous version from here and on the usagetab you can see the resources which is used by your site and here we cansee that 4.3 KB is used out of 1 GB and 1 GB is the free limit if we wantto get more than 1 GB then you have to pay some money we can add our customdomain with this hosting but in this video I'm not going to show the wholeprocess of connecting a custom domain with this hosting and that's because inmy next video I am going to show you how you can get you free domain and after thatI'm going to connect that free domain with this hosting. hope this video helpedyou guys and if so make sure to LIKE comment share and subscribe and hit the bell icon.