Okay you want to get a free domain. Maybe you just want to practice with it or you may have some other reason. Inthis video I am going to give you a way that you can use to get a free domainname for lifetime my name is Suman Das and if you're new in this channel and also likeprogramming and other related stuff then you should definitely subscribe thischannel. so before diving into the computer I want to give you a briefoverview about what we are going to do in this video so first of all we aregoing to register our domain name with the help of freenom and after that weare going to link that domain name with our previously hosted site if you had not watched my previous video about how to get a free hosting for lifetime then you should definitely check that out you can find the video here. 

Okay sowithout wasting more time let's go to the computer. ok here at first I am goingto register a domain name on freenom then we are going to link that domainname with our previously hosted website now open any internet browser and searchfor freenom domain and then you will find a link of freenom.com and click onthe link. here you have to sign in with your ID and password if you don't havean account with freenom then just sign up with freenom and then you can sign inwith that after login go to services and from here go to register new domain.here you have to check the availability of your domain name let's say I wantdomain name called messyprogrammer, for that I'm going to type messyprogrammer hereand check the availability of this domain now you can see that some of thedomain names are free and some of them are paid choose any free domain namethat you like and click on get it now now click on checkout. 

Here leaveeverything as default but if you would like to vary the amount of your name then just change the amount for instance i would like the domain name for 6 months thenI am going to choose six months for free then hit continue accept the terms andconditions and click complete order and here we got aconfirmation message that our order is completed now go to my domains and youcan see your registered domains here ok our domain name is registered now and nowwe are going to link this domain name with our previously hosted website onfirebase. I repeating if you hadn't watched my previous video on free hosting then I strongly recommend you to watch that video before this, becauseotherwise that you may not understand some of the points here. ok 

Now I'm going to link our recently registered domain name with this hosting for that click onthe add custom domain and type your domain name then click continue now itis asking to verify that you are the owner of this domain name and now I'mgoing to show you how can verify that you are the owner of this domain name.for that replicate that value from here and here we are getting to add a TXT record with our name . you can use the default freenom name server or anycustom name server you want to but in this tutorial I am just going with thedefault name server provided by freenom and now I am going to add the TXTrecord here. 

Now we have added the TXT record with ourdomain name and now we have to wait some time to verify it okay now our very verification is done and nowwe have to create to an A type record to our domain name and now I'm going toshow you how you can do it and for that lets go to freenom and here we've toadd two A record and on the name field just type your name likethis and on the target copy the IP address from the firebase project andpaste it here and I am going to paste that two record here and after adding tworecords save the changes okay now again we have to wait some timeand after that our linking poses will be done here we got a suggestion, the firebase is suggesting us that would I like to add www.messyprogrammer.cf or not okay let's add it and for that we have to follow the sameprocess again and add two A type records on our freenom domain let's do it again okay now we have added both four recordsand changes are saved successfully and now the last thing we have to do iswaiting some time and after that our hosting or our hosted website will belinked with our domain name and after that we can access our website with ourregistered domain name. okay now I'm getting to fast forward this process toshow you quickly. 

Now you can see that the status is changed and now the statusis pending okay now 36 minutes had passed and let's see if our domain name is linked with our hosting successfully or not, for thatlet's click on there oh-hoh our domain name is successfully linked with ourhosting. hope this video helped you guys and if you have any query or doubtplease comment below and don't forget to subscribe and press the bell icon.