The big day is finally here. I am monetized on YouTube. Hello everybody and welcome back to my channel. In today's video, I am going to be breakingdown all of the steps for the YouTube monetization process. So if you're wondering what exactly it takesto get monetized, thank, keep on watching. For many new YouTubers, one of the very firstquestions that they ask is, "How can I start making money from my videos?" Then they get a touch disappointed when theyrealize they can not make money directly . There's actually a process and a few requirementsthat YouTube has in situ before you're eligible for monetization. 

So I've been on YouTube about six months andit really took about six months to the day for me to be eligible to be monetized, whichis pretty crazy. But i feel tons of individuals enter YouTubethinking it's super easy to urge monetized on YouTube otherwise you can get monetized rightaway. And unfortunately that's not the case. So I'm getting to plow ahead and break down theentire process to urge monetized. So that will you recognize exactly what you needto neutralize your channel. Not only so you'll be eligible to be monetized,but also so you'll speed up the method and obtain monetized faster. So in order to be eligible for ads on YouTube,you have to apply to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). This is the program where they run all ofthe ads. 

Before you even apply, you've got to satisfy certainrequirements. So I'm going to put the full list right here,but I'm going to talk about the two main ones that everyone focuses on. The first big requirement is that you simply needto have 1000 subscribers. Now this can be really deflating for new accountsbecause gaining that first 1000 is really a grind. And I actually have a video all about my journeyto 1000 subscribers. And I talk about all the factors and strategiesthat really led to my success to getting my first 1000 subscribers pretty fast. So depending on your account, getting 1000subscribers could be pretty quick. You could do that within a few weeks or monthsor it could take a long time. Every account and every channel is different,but it doesn't matter who you are. You still need to have 1000 subscribers. Now the reason YouTube requires that is becausethey want to make sure that you are a credible established channel. Back within the day when nearly anyone could gettheir videos monetized, there have been tons of really shady accounts and that they would put adson there. So YouTube put these more stringent requirementsin place in order to increase the barriers to entry to get ads, but to also kind of weedout all the filth. 

Not saying that's not still on YouTube, butyou know what I mean? Now subsequent big requirement is you would like 4,000hours of public watch time within the last 12 months. So these can't be private or unlisted videos. Now that "within the last 12 months" is keybecause you can have tons of views from years ago, but if you don't have active watch timeminutes, now Google isn't going to consider you for their partner program. They want people that are continually contributingto the channel that are helping to urge more views on their platform. So they're only going to give monetizationto those accounts that are active on the platform. 4,000 hours of watch time equates to 240,000minutes. So I look at both. I look at the minutes and I look at the hours. You just have to make sure that you do theright conversion to make sure you're looking at the right number. Now, 4,000 hours of watch time as a replacement YouTube. That is completely daunting. 

Now, if you're sitting here and you're like"How the heck am i able to get 240,000 hours of watch time?" Just keep watching because after I talk aboutthe entire process to urge monetized, I'm getting to give some recommendations on the way to speed along theprocess to form it easier for you. All right, so I'm going to go into a YouTubeStudio so that way you can see exactly where you see these statistics, how you can trackit, and where you need to go to apply for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). So first up you'll want to go to your analytics. This is where you will be ready to see your dashboardof all of your big statistics. The main ones that we are trying to find are watchtime and subscribers. Now this just shows the last 28 days, so I'mgoing to expand it out to the last 365 days because remember you need 4,000 hours of publicwatch time within the last 12 months. So as you can see, this is my channel andwithin the last year I have 4,100 hours of watch time. I actually hit my watch time number a fewdays ago, so it has gone up a little bit since then and since we're looking at the last year,the number of subscribers goes to point out you the amount of subscribers that you simply gainedwithin the last year. And I actually had my channel for a few years,but I didn't really do anything with it. I think I had maybe one video, so I did havea few subscribers from before.

 But for the YouTube partner program, you donot got to have 1000 subscribers within the last year. It's just 1000 subscribers. So that why it's better to look at the realtimenumber right here and you can see that I have over 1000 subscribers. So check, check, I've hit those two things. It's time to navigate to this monetizationtab. Now before you're eligible, all you reallyare going to see here is the little dials for subscribers and for watch time to seehow close you are to being eligible. There's also some links to the YouTube partnerprogram and to the YouTube monetization roles in order that way you'll confirm that you simply arefollowing those rules for when it comes time to be monetized. So once you are eligible you will go to themonetization tab and you can see right here there are three steps. The first one is to review the partner programterms. So basically you have to click and read thepartner terms and then click a button that says I accept. So I've already approved this. So that's why this is already checked. Now the next one is to sign up for GoogleAdSense, but really you need to pay attention to right under here where it says you needto link your Google AdSense account. 

So yes, you are doing got to apply for Google AdSense,but you've got to link it right here. So real quick, let me offer you just a quickbreakdown about Google AdSense which whole process. So the Google AdSense program is owned byGoogle, which owns YouTube, but they are two separate things. The YouTube Partner Program is that the programthat allows you to place ads on your videos, but Google AdSense may be a separate ad accountwhere you manage ads, you create ads, let's say if you have a blog or a website and thenwhere you get paid. So you need to have a Google AdSense accountso that way when you're ready for monetization, you just put your Google AdSense code or yournumber in your application. Now, the Google AdSense program actually hasits own set of rules and requirements and its own timeline. To get approved. You have to fill out an application, let themknow about your blog or during this case your YouTube channel, but some personal information,what you would like to use the ads for and they are then going to mail a physical postcardto your house and it has a little pin on it so that way they know that it really is you. 

You are a person and then you'll take thatpen and you'll put it back in the application, but after that you are not done yet. You have to connect your bank account to yourGoogle AdSense account because you want to get paid, right? Now this takes a few days because onceyou put your bank account information, YouTube is going to deposit a very small amount justto make sure that this bank account is legit. It's a few pennies. It's maybe 11 cents, 13 cents and then you,then you have to go back to the Google AdSense application page and put in how much exactlyGoogle deposited in your account. And then once that's verified, Google willwithdraw that money because even though it's just a few cents, you didn't earn that. So that's technically Google's money. 

And then finally, after now , your Googlead sense account is about up. So are you able to see why it's extremely , very importantto found out your Google AdSense before time. It is a really meticulous long process and sosince you've got the time, you would like to form sure that that's found out and prepared to travel sothat way your account can almost just enter automatic review once you're eligible. Now the last step within the channel monetizationprocess is to possess your application reviewed. Now there's not necessarily any applicationthat you've got to fill out, it's just you've checked boxes one and two and it sends offyour application to the team to review your channel. 

This step happens automatically so there isnothing that you need to do here and if you're wondering what exactly is the criteria thatthey are going to be assessing your channel on to give you the thumbs up or the thumbsdown. They actually have a link right here on thisYouTube channel monetization policies, so if you click thereon , you'll see here are the few thingsthat they're looking at when they are checking your channel. Overall, they go to try to to a check to makesure that your channel aligns with their policies, so they go to seem at the most themeof your channel. They're going to look at your most viewedvideos, they're going to look at your newest videos, they're going to look at the videosthat have the largest proportion of watch time and they are also getting to check out thevideo metadata. That's titles, thumbnails, descriptions, justto see that everything with your channel is kosher and something that they are okay withputting ads on and after you've applied, it's the waiting game. 

Now after a few days or more likely weeks,you are going to get an email saying that you are now authorized and accepted into theYouTube Partner Program. At that point it is time to start puttingthose ads on your videos. So now I'm going to share a few tips on whatyou can do to expedite the process so that way you can get monetized on YouTube fast. Now in my experience, I found that the rateof subscribers and watch time was more or less an equivalent . 

I actually hit the number of subscribers 1000and the 4,000 hours on the exact same day. But what I've seen is most people do get their1000 subscribers, but they really struggle to get the 4,000 hours of watch time and thatmakes a lot of sense because when you first start your channel, it's easier to get peopleto subscribe because all you have to do is spam your friends, family, colleagues, yourbest friend's sister's, boyfriend's, brother's girlfriend, and Hey, all they need to try to to isclick a button and that they are a subscriber. Whereas the watch time, it's tons harderto get people to truly sit and watch your videos. Now, one way to increase watch time is tohave longer videos. So let's show an example of this so you cansee exactly what I mean. Now in this example, to make it simple, I'mgoing to assume that everybody watches the entire length of the video. We know that is not true, but just for simplicity,we're going to go with that.

So we've that 4,000 hours of watch timeand we're getting to times it by 60 in order that way we've our 240,000 hours. this is often what you would like within 12 months foryour channel. Now for instance we've only one video and ourone video is 2 minutes long, so it is a very short video, so we're getting to need to dividethat by two, which suggests we're getting to need to get 120,000 views thereon one little video,but those are some pretty big numbers. Now, let's compare that to a video that is10 minutes long. So it is the 240,000 divided by 10 which isonly 24,000 views. Now let's do that example with a 15 minutevideo. So 240,000 divided by 15 that's only 16,000views. Now obviously you do not want to only put a10 hour video abreast of YouTube because nobody goes to observe that and they are going tolose interest, but this instance is simply to point out how it's in your best interest to havelonger videos. 

Now this instance is simply with one video andyou can see how you actually need to bank thereon one video doing pretty much . in order that goes into my next tip, which is tohave many content and consistent content. If you begin putting out a video once every week ,let's say each video is 10 minutes long, you go from having just 10 minutes on your channelfor people to observe , to twenty minutes to then half-hour subsequent week, to then 40 minutesthe next week. So you'll see that the more videos that youput out, you exponentially increase your watch time on your channel, which is large becauseagain, you do not really know what videos are getting to begin or not. I even have one video on my channel that has over30,000 views. I even have another one with around 10,000 andthen I even have a couple of ones that have but 1000 views. Some just have 100 or 200 at now . 

I put an equivalent amount of effort into all ofthose videos, on the other hand once I publish them, it's really up to the YouTube algorithm towhether it's getting to show up in search or if they go to be suggested. i do not know either way, but could you imagineif i might have only made one video and it's one among my videos that's less popular and Iwas banking thereon being the one to urge me monetized? No good. So I definitely saw this in my channel thevery first few months once I did not have that a lot of videos. My watch time was just inching along. Maybe it had been 10 hours each day , maybe one was12 and that i remember at some point I got 20 hours of watch time and that i remember calculating, okay,if I got 20 hours every single day, what percentage months wouldn't it take me to be monetized? and that i was so pumped. on the other hand as I continued to release more andmore and more videos, my watch time is skyrocketing. Now I'm getting anywhere from 50 to 60 hoursof watch time every single day and it's exponentially increasing. So you'll see that the more content you haveout there, the more opportunities you've got for people to seek out and watch your videos. 

Now my next tip is to possess bingeable content. So if someone finds your videos and that they likeit, you would like to possess a series of videos associated with that content so someone can then go andwatch subsequent one within the series. For me, one among my top performing videos isthis video right here, the way to win Instagram giveaways. So then all of January I just did a wholebunch of videos on Instagram giveaways, the way to found out an Instagram giveaway. What are the principles , what are the requirements? which series of videos has done reallywell because people find it through that video in search, which is doing really, really wellin search. then they're suggested other videos inthe series and that they sit and that they watch more of these . in order that they binge plenty of my videos, which helpsme because I'm getting more watch time on my channel.

 So it's definitely in your best interestat the start of your channel to possess videos on an equivalent topic. Because not only will people say, Hey, thisis what this person's an expert in, I'm getting to subscribe, which helps you together with your 1000subscribers, but they go to seek out your video, like your video and begin watchingyour other videos versus if you've got a random video about this or this or this, and they'reall over the place. they could have liked your one video, butthey do not like the opposite content that you simply have, so they are not getting to watch it. So again, the more videos that you simply have, themore opportunities people need to find your videos and to observe your videos. don't just do one video and call it goodbecause it's getting to take you an awful while to try to to that. Now my next tip to hurry along the YouTubemonetization process is to check in for an AdSense account before time. tons of individuals , they get their hours, theyget their subscribers, they click the button then determine , "Oh crap. I even have to use to the present other program, Google AdSense." and therefore the Google AdSense features a different applicationprocess, which takes a couple of weeks. in order that are often an enormous bottleneck and holdyou up into getting monetized. 

You've already worked so hard to up untilthis point to urge monetized. you do not want to delay it any longer . All right, so I hope you found this helpfuland that it demystified the YouTube monetization process. It really isn't that bad. It are often frustrating, especially as a newYouTuber, but i do know that if you are doing those tips and you're really according to your channeland you still put out great content over time, you'll be ready to get there. Now, if you've got the other questions aboutthe YouTube monetization process, let me know within the comments below. Let's keep the conversation going. I'm happy to assist . If you found this video helpful, let's giveit a, like, my goal is to urge 1000 likes on this video because you would like 1000 subscribers. So let's do this . then if you would like more videos on YouTubeand social media marketing tips, make certain to subscribe join the tribe. that's all I even have for today, and I'll seeyou next time!